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Who Are We?

Mission, Goal and Strategies

Mission, Goals and Strategies

Drive Electric Long Island is a coalition of electric vehicle stakeholders dedicated to accelerating the adoption of electric vehicles and charging infrastructure on Long island. The coalition will:

  • Support the NY State goals to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 40 percent by 2030 and 80 percent by 2050 through the acceleration of the electric vehicle market. 
  • Support the Multi-State ZEV Action Plan 2018-2021 and help New York State to meet its Zero-Emission Vehicle (ZEV) objective of 800,000 new ZEVs by 2025, which includes 178,000 new ZEVs for Long Island.

Our vision is to accelerate the adoption of electric vehicles and infrastructure on Long Island, both consumer and commercial, by addressing the key barriers to widespread adoption, including awareness, charging infrastructure and cost. The proposed activities of the coalition follow a proven model developed and tested in other parts of the country which resulted in significant increases in EV sales.

To accelerate the adoption of electric vehicles and infrastructure on Long Island, Drive Electric Long Island will focus its efforts on consumer outreach and education, increased public and workplace EV infrastructure, conversion of commercial fleets, and advocacy for EV friendly policy. The following planned activities will enable the coalition to achieve this goal:

  • Conduct regular meetings of the steering committee and subcommittees of key stakeholders.
  • Develop outreach, education and marketing strategies utilizing a wide range of media to reach as many consumers as possible, including events, advertising media, blog, website, newsletter, direct mail and social media.
  • Build awareness by implementing multiple EV Showcases to promote EV adoption, targeted to different audiences.
  • Establish strong relationships with regional dealerships.
  • Provide support, guidance, advocacy and collaboration to advance charging infrastructure in the areas of workplace charging, multi-unit dwellings, public charging (including parking facilities), consumer home charging and fleet charging.
  • Coordinate with the village, town and county planners and building departments to produce high impact EV infrastructure policies. Support the adoption of codes and standards for building codes that will accelerate the adoption of infrastructure charging.
  • Function as a resource to educate and inform stakeholders regarding the different technologies, incentives, rebates and funding for infrastructure and develop educational and marketing collateral supporting the infrastructure technology and solutions.

Coalition Members

Chairman – Marj Issapour – Farmingdale State College

Steering Committee Members
  • Lisa Broughton | Suffolk County
  • Alex Burgess | Edgewise EnergyI
  • Sammy Chu | USGBC-LI
  • Victor DaCosta | Alternative Solutions of New York
  • Michael Deering | LIPA
  • Paul DiBenedetto | PSEG Long Island
  • Rita Ebert | Greater Long Island Clean Cities Coalition
  • Jessica Enzmann | Sierra Club
  • Ron Gulmi | Emerald Alternative Energy Solutions
  • Neal Lewis | The Sustainability Institute at Molloy College
  • Zachary Licht | Farmingdale State College
  • Ben Mandel | CALSTART
  • Rosemary Mascali | USGBC- LI
  • Sarah Oral | Cameron Engineering
  • Nicholas Palumbo | Suffolk County Community College
  • Paul Power | Northwell Health
  • Michelle Somers | PSEG Long Island
  • Carl Vogel | Long Island Electric Auto Association
  • Dan Zaweski | PSEG Long Island
Drive Electric Long Island Subcommittees
  • Education and Outreach Subcommittee, Rosemary Mascali, Chair
  • Electric Vehicle Infrastructure Subcommittee, Ron Gulmi, Chair